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On April, 28th, 2010 Girl Scout Troop 2476 held their weekly meeting with a special guest, Mrs. Inge Irby, owner and operator of Second Chance and Happy Tails a non kill shelter for abandoned and lost dogs. The girls donated half of their cookie earnings to her shelter. While at the meeting she discussed with the girls the importance of caring for a dog, the lifetime commitment that this entails, and the importance of neutering or spaying your pet. She also described her life's work as a dog rescuer. She brought a DVD for each girl on how to care & train your dog.

The girls had many questions for Mrs. Irby about her lifetime work and shelter.

How many years have you had your shelter? I have had my shelter for 15 years.

What inspired you to open your shelter? In 1995 the Clarksville Humane Society temporarily closed their doors due to financial hardship. I was working with the Humane Society at the time and I could not bear the thought of so many dogs living on the streets or ending up with Animal Control. So I decided to save one by one the dogs in Clarksville.

How did you come up with the name Second Chance and Happy Tails? When a dog is brought to my shelter they are getting a “second chance” and once placed with a new loving and responsible owner they have a life with “happy tails”.

How many dogs have you adopted over the years? Not counting puppies I have successfully adopted over 750 dogs in 15 years.

How do you calm the dogs down when they are all barking at once? It really depends if they are barking because they are happy, sad or just being plain silly. I have a can filled with pennies and when I shake it for a short time, they stop. Another technique is I will spray them with a water bottle on their bodies NEVER in their face.

How many dogs have become your pets? Several over the years, the one's nobody will care for or want these dogs have medical issues or are just to old to adopt out, or if they cannot be trusted.

Which dog was your favorite dog? My poodle Sheila and she became the mother of all the dogs for many years.

How do you keep track of all the dogs? Upon arrival each dog has a red folder and in that folder I record the dog's name, needs and medical information. However when a dog is brought to me I rename that dog to instill a new beginning for the dog. This new name is recorded also.

How do you know when a dog is ready to be adopted? I place a dog when he can be trusted not to turn on their new owner, and medically cleared.

At the end of the meeting she graciously accepted a $400.00 check for her shelter.

Joshua Arneson contacted us the first time on 30 Nov. 07. I got a call from him and he stated he is a General Contractor working in Iraq. He came acrossed our rescue website and would like to help support us. Since then we've exchanged lot's of e-mails and he graciously helps us with the special need dogs and situations, like the one shown below.

We would like to say a special "Thanks Josh, you are our Hero!"

"A big Thanks to Animal Services and Assistance Programs, Inc, Marengo, Illinois. 30,000 lbs of dry Pedigree dog food and a small amount of cat food in Dickson, TN for distribution to area rescues and shelters. ASAP Inc is a not for profit charitable organization that provides food, supplies and services to animal welfare organizations across the US.

Second Chance and Happy Tails is grateful for the 1500 lbs of Dry Pedigree Dogfood donated to us on Monday the 22 of Feb. 09. Here are some Pictures."

Second Chance & Happy Tails is a non profit organization, relying on donations and fundraisers to maintain our much needed service. Most of the animals that come to us are either abused, abandoned and/or neglected. Many need extensive, long term care and cannot be adopted. Because we are a no kill shelter, we keep any animal that we are unable to adopt to a good home.

We are currently housing over 40 dogs and puppies, all of whom need regular medical care, grooming and of course daily care. (feeding, laundry, bathing etc) The vet bills alone can reach in the 10's of thousands of dollars every year. We simply can't do it alone.

Help is always needed in the following areas: transporting, fundraising, grooming, administrative, etc. Contact us to get started! And to our regular supporters **THANK YOU** you know who you are! "

Will you help us?

Donate a Bed
Our dogs love to sleep on Kuranda Dog beds, but we don't have enough for everyone. If you would like to donate a bed at a special wholesale price for a another dog to sleep in comfort, please donate a Kuranda dog bed.
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